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Introductory Chemistry

Ongoing development and use of wikis to stimulate scientific interest and writing skills for level one and three students. This also introduces them to the process of online publishing.

A JISC funded project (£48k) in collaboration with CERD to create open source material from Forensic Science level 1 module Introductory Chemistry. The project is called Chemistry FM. Materials include traditional slide presentations, video and audio. The latter introduces a radio broadcasting dimension with Siren FM broadcasting a series of student produced radio programmes during science week and being involved in helping staff create audio files for use in teaching. The video clips being used were created by students with a FED grant in 2008 and these are now used for teaching within the module. These have been placed on U tube and are proving popular.

Here is an example of one of the student-produced videos. This one is designed to explain Hess’s Law.

An assessment introduced for this module also sees students as producers as they have to produce instructional video clips on how to carry out certain practical tasks in the laboratory. These will be peer assessed in a viewing session at the end of the module.

A further series of videos using more advanced animation and interactive techniques are under preparation funded by a FED grant. These will support the teaching in a level 2 Forensic science module called Analytical Techniques.

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